CASHMERE CULTURE is a sublime brand and a skilled manufacturer of finest quality Cashmere and Noble Fibers born among Milan, Aarhus and Kathmandu. CASHMERE CULTURE collections are exclusively designed in Italy and crafted with extreme care in the Kathmandu Valley and in Inner Mongolia. Furthermore, CASHMERE CULTURE collaborates with leading international brands in the luxury fashion industry in the production of exquisite scarves, shawls and blankets handwoven on traditional wooden looms in its own Factory in Nepal.


The deep knowledge of raw materials, the rich handcrafted experience, and a key desire to keep pace with changing luxury market demands, are the distinctive and essential elements of CASHMERE CULTURE’s philosophy. At the heart of the project is a strong, genuine desire to harmoniously combine tradition and innovation, ancient techniques and contemporary manufacturing processes – all with the aim of accurately safeguarding and developing what has been learned through the years. Through this desire, the company has chosen its name with naturalness, like the elegant and seductive flap of a butterfly’s wings. CASHMERE: one of the most valuable and renowned Noble Fibers. CULTURE: a complex idea that encompasses knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. Therefore, a very precious historical heritage transmitted from generation to generation.


For CASHMERE CULTURE, quality is an undeniable necessity, both as a result of the great passion at the heart of the ambitious project and for the goal to be distinguished in a very complex market. CASHMERE CULTURE products are impeccably manufactured and luxurious. They will never go out of fashion. CASHMERE CULTURE products are the delicious fruit of a constant research and experimentation as well as a respect for time that allows the fabric to rest adequately among the various phases. Raw materials of Mongolian and Tibetan origin are the first choice in quality and manufactured by leading companies in both China and in Italy.


Creativity is at the base of each qualitative development to increase the taste and create fabrics that are high-class, fascinating and full of personality. The magic of CASHMERE CULTURE products arises from a perfect alchemy among the creative and productive elements of the company. Everything begins from an idea, a sensation that turns into a concrete, contemporary and excellent product through an accurate production process.


The attention to details and the enhancement of every aspect of the product allow CASHMERE CULTURE to satisfy even the most exacting demands. CASHMERE CULTURE customer care is characterized by competence, courteousness and willingness. It reflects CASHMERE CULTURE’s goals to respect both the market and the consumer. CASHMERE CULTURE pursues continuous innovation in order that creativity and competence can provide concrete solutions for clients.


CASHMERE CULTURE firmly believes in the idea of production without pollution. CASHMERE CULTURE believes that respect of the environment should be at the base of each daily gesture, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant one. The dyes which give wonderful colors to CASHMERE CULTURE‘s garments are eco-friendly and come from reliable American suppliers.